MySQL Cluster part 2: Installing NDB Node in Ubuntu Server v.12.04


So we are going to install NDB node now,

A. Preparations:

  1. Turn on the Cluster Manager service, so when NDB node is running, it will registered it self to it automatically,
  2. Creates a VM of an Ubuntu Server instance (I’m using v.12.04),
  3. Disabling IP filtering in this Ubuntu instance (read my post here).

B. Steps:

1. Login as root
2. Open /var/tmp/ directory, and download MySQL cluster from the web

3. Extract the downloaded file into /usr/local/ directory

4. Creates a link folder

5. Creates a new directory called “mysql” under /etc/ directory

6. Creates a new file called “my.cnf” in /etc/mysql/

7. Types below commands into the my.cnf file

Note: value of ndb-nodeid=n must matched with the one registered in ndb_mgm console at management node, after you type SHOW command. In this case, the value is 6, because this server which has an IP…

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