TIBCO Business Works Process Monitor – Architecture

The Business Works Process Monitor Server is a web application running inside the application web server.

It is made up of several modules;

The picture below gives a high level and simplified overview on its most important modules,


When the Business Works Process Monitor Server is started, it will check its configuration
settings and start all configured Data Providers.
A Data Provider is responsible for reading log messages from a channel (such as JMS) and storing those messages in the underlying database.
For each Data Provider the BWPM administrator can configure how many number of instances that should run in parallel (A) and the channel to read data from (B).
Some tuning settings are available, depending on the channel configured for the Data Provider.
When using JMS, for example, the BWPM administrator may configure the JMS pref-etch property to optimize JMS processing (C).
When a log message is processed by the Data Provider, it is hand over to the persistence
layer of the Business Works Process Monitor Server.
The persistence layer connects to a RDBMS and accomplishes read and write operations against the BWPM database.
The persistence layer is using a JDBC connection pool (D), which is shared between the Data Providers and GUI Services.
The GUI Services are used by end users and process user requests
The Business Works Process Monitor Server GUI is a web-based AJAX applications.

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