PHP Nginx Redirection – Point few URI to old domain and redirect rest to new Domain

Lately, we had our entire website revamped and as a part of sanity, we redirected a 301 from our old url to new url, which was apparently in a new domain. But here came a challenge, there were a few URI’s we had provided to the the third party and the url they used pointed to the old domain. So

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k8s – Deployment Strategy

First, let us address the underlying question:- What can Kubernetes offer compared to a basic development workflow?With Kubernetes explained, the developer can write some codes, send it, and get it working. It is also essential that the development environment be as alike as attainable to production (this is because having two different environments will introduce bugs.) In this blog, “Deploy code faster

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k8s – Liveness and Readiness Probes

Many applications running for long periods of time eventually transition to broken states, and cannot recover except by being restarted. When you run them inside Kubernetes, it provides liveness probes to detect and remedy such situations. Moreover, if your Container needs to work on loading large data, configuration files, or migrations during startup, specify a readiness probe. Liveness vs Readiness

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