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[ERROR]-[TIBCO BusinessWorksProcessMonitor]- Error While Configuration (EC1 – java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/tibco/processmonitor/client/run)

Hi Guys, Whenever you get this kind of error in TIBCO BWPM Client configuration EC1 – java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/tibco/processmonitor/client/run Then the following can be the reasons :- 1. bwpm.jar file missing from <bw_home>/<ver>/<lib> 2. bwpm.jar corrupted Solution :- Get the bwpm.jar file copied to the following directory <bw_home>/<ver>/<lib> and <bw_home>/<ver>/<lib>/palette/

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Fault Tolerance Parameters in “tibemsd.conf ” file

ft_active   ft_active = URL   Specifies the URL of the active server. If this server can connect to the active server, it will act as a backup server. If this server cannot connect to the active server, it will become the active server. ft_heartbeat   ft_heartbeat = seconds   Specifies the interval (in seconds) the active server is to

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TIBCO BWPM Client – Configuration

Post Installation and Configuration of TIBCO BWPM Server, To Configure BWPM Client on any running process (For Linux OS):- Log in to the Server where TIBCO Administrator is running cd <path>/tibco/tra/domain/<domain>/application/<deployed-application> gedit <application-name>.tra In the last line append the following tibco.clientVar.nJAMS/logMode=complete tibco.clientVar.nJAMS/DataProvider/JMS/useJNDI=true tibco.clientVar.nJAMS/DataProvider/JMS/useQueues=true tibco.clientVar.nJAMS/DataProvider/JMS/destination=bwpm tibco.clientVar.nJAMS/DataProvider/JMS/enabled=true tibco.clientVar.nJAMS/DataProvider/JMS/user=admin tibco.clientVar.nJAMS/DataProvider/JMS/password=admin tibco.clientVar.nJAMS/DataProvider/JMS/server=tibjmsnaming://<prod-ems-server>:7222 tibco.clientVar.nJAMS/DataProvider/JMS/contextFactory=com.tibco.tibjms.naming.TibjmsInitialContextFactory tibco.clientVar.nJAMS/DataProvider/JMS/connectionFactory=QueueConnectionFactory tibco.clientVar.nJAMS/DataProvider/EngineLog/enabled=true Save the tra file Restart the service instance

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