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Disabling HTTP methods in TIBCO Administrator Tomcat

Title: Disabling HTTP methods in Administrator Tomcat. Description: To restrict the response to specific HTTP Methods such as OPTIONS, PUT, DELETE, CONNECT and TRACE, Tomcat can be configured to not respond to any of these HTTP Methods. Environment: All  Linux  Windows Resolution: This can be configured at the instance level by inserting a <security-constraint> element directly under the <web-app> element

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“BW-EXT-LOG-100000 All threads (75) are currently busy, waiting. Increase maxThreads (75) or check the servlet status”

Title: Why Do I get “BW-EXT-LOG-100000 All threads (75) are currently busy, waiting. Increase maxThreads (75) or check the servlet status” error? Environment: Product: TIBCO BusinessWorks Version: OS: Any Resolution: The error you got indicates that BW has reached the maximum number of threads available for incoming HTTP requests. To solve your problem, you can modify the following BW property

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[ERROR]-[Administrator]-Installed Software Not Available or disabled or uninstalled under “Installed Software” Tab on the Administrator GUI.

Environment: ============ Product: TIBCO Administrator Version: 5.X.X OS: Redhat Enterprise Linux , Microsoft Windows Description ============ On installing a TIBCO Software it is not available or it is disabled or it is uninstalled on the Administrator GUI under “Installed Software” Tab. Environment: =========== TIBCO Administrator 5.x.x TIBCO Runtime Agent 5.x.x OS : All Symptoms: ======== The installed software is not available

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[ERROR]-[ADMINISTRATOR]-Administrator reports the following error when clicking on “All Service Instances” : java.lang.NullPointerException at com.tibco.uac.monitor.server.Service ContainerBindingMonitorImpl.(ServiceContainerBinding

Description :- dministrator reports the following error when clicking on “All Service Instances” : ==> java.lang.NullPointerException at com.tibco.uac.monitor.server.ServiceContainerBindingMonitorImpl.( at com.tibco.uac.monitor.server.MonitorServer.getServiceContainerBindingMonitor( at com.tibco.administrator.consoles.containers.ContainersCollectionPane$10.getRow( at com.tibco.wfc.tableview.EntityCollectionTableModel.clearFilter( at com.tibco.wfc.tableview.EntityCollectionTableModel.showAll( at com.tibco.wfc.tableview.EntityCollectionTableModel.( at com.tibco.wfc.tableview.RefreshableEntityCollectionTableModel.( at com.tibco.administrator.consoles.containers.ContainersCollectionPane.aW( at com.tibco.administrator.consoles.containers.ContainersCollectionPane.( at com.tibco.administrator.consoles.containers.ContainersConsolePane.createEntityListPane( at com.tibco.administrator.ConsoleContentPane.showEntityList( at com.tibco.administrator.consoles.containers.ContainersConsolePane.( at com.tibco.administrator.consoles.containers.AllContainersConsole.createConsoleContentPane( at com.tibco.administrator.AbstractConsole.getConsolePane( at com.tibco.administrator.ConsoleFrame.setConsole( at com.tibco.administrator.ApplicationFrame$ApplicationFrameset$ConsoleFrameset.showConsole( at com.tibco.administrator.ConsoleSelectorPane.setCurrentConsole( at com.tibco.administrator.ConsoleSelectorPane$6.execute( at com.tibco.wfc.undo.UndoManager$CommandList.a( at com.tibco.wfc.undo.UndoManager$CommandList.access$200( at com.tibco.wfc.undo.UndoManager.execute( at com.tibco.administrator.ConsoleSelectorPane.onChangeConsole(

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[ERROR]-[Enterprise Message Service]-What is the meaning of the following error: “ERROR: Slow clock tick xxx, delayed messaging and timeouts may occur”?

The error message “Slow clock tick xx, delayed messaging and timeouts may occur” was added in EMS 5.1.4 for defect #1-A35PT9 -The server can disconnect clients or other servers if it gets very busy such that it does not service incoming heartbeats within the server_timeout_client_connection or server_timeout_server_connection period. The number xx indicates the delay when the timer thread is behind

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