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TIBCO – EMS – Multicasting

Multicast Messaging:  Multicast is a messaging model that allows the EMS server to send messages to multiple consumers simultaneously by broadcasting them over an existing network. Overview:  Multicast is a messaging model that broadcasts messages to many consumers at once, as opposed to sending copies of a message to each subscribing consumer individually. The server sends multicast messages over a multicast

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[ERROR]-[Enterprise Message Service]-What is the meaning of the following error: “ERROR: Slow clock tick xxx, delayed messaging and timeouts may occur”?

The error message “Slow clock tick xx, delayed messaging and timeouts may occur” was added in EMS 5.1.4 for defect #1-A35PT9 -The server can disconnect clients or other servers if it gets very busy such that it does not service incoming heartbeats within the server_timeout_client_connection or server_timeout_server_connection period. The number xx indicates the delay when the timer thread is behind

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Fault Tolerance Parameters in “tibemsd.conf ” file

ft_active   ft_active = URL   Specifies the URL of the active server. If this server can connect to the active server, it will act as a backup server. If this server cannot connect to the active server, it will become the active server. ft_heartbeat   ft_heartbeat = seconds   Specifies the interval (in seconds) the active server is to

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