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[ERROR]-[TIBCO BusinessWorksProcessMonitor]- Error While Configuration (EC1 – java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/tibco/processmonitor/client/run)

Hi Guys, Whenever you get this kind of error in TIBCO BWPM Client configuration EC1 – java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/tibco/processmonitor/client/run Then the following can be the reasons :- 1. bwpm.jar file missing from <bw_home>/<ver>/<lib> 2. bwpm.jar corrupted Solution :- Get the bwpm.jar file copied to the following directory <bw_home>/<ver>/<lib> and <bw_home>/<ver>/<lib>/palette/

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TIBCO Business Works Process Monitor – Architecture

The Business Works Process Monitor Server is a web application running inside the application web server. It is made up of several modules; The picture below gives a high level and simplified overview on its most important modules, When the Business Works Process Monitor Server is started, it will check its configuration settings and start all configured Data Providers. A Data Provider

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