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TIBCO ADR3 SAGA Chapter Three -Adapter and their Interraction Modes

At the most basic level, a TIBCO Adapter receives data available from a source application or sends data to a target application. This is based on a service architecture. Services are abstractions that describe how adapters work together with other applications. An adapter generally supports publish/subscribe and request/response interaction modes. The following table summarizes the adapter interaction modes and adapter

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TIBCO ADR3 SAGA Chapter two – Overview of TIBCO Adapters

Many businesses rely on a complex mix of custom applications, databases, and technologies to implement their business processes and manage information. Optimizing the reuse and coordination of these assets and information sources helps organizations simultaneously reduce time-to-market and costs, but this data is not always easy to access or to integrate. Vendors typically have their own ways to format and

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TIBCO ADR3 SAGA Chapter One SAP R/3 – An Introduction

SAP AG brought out a client–server version of the software called SAP R/3 Real-Time Data Processing (3 stands for 3-tier) Database Application Server Client (SAPgui)   Releases:- SAP R/1 System RF: 1972 SAP R/2 Mainframe System: 1979 SAP R/3 Enterprise Edition 1.0 A: July 1992 SAP R/3 Enterprise Edition 2.0: 1993 SAP R/3 Enterprise Edition 3.0: 1995 SAP R/3 Enterprise

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