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TIBCO Activespaces – Best Practices – 5. Joining as a Seeder or a Leech?

Joining as a Seeder or a Leech? Things to remember: There is no change in functionality regardless of whether your application seeds or acts as a leech on a space. However, there is an impact on the resource usage of your application: a seeder contributes memory to store records and CPU cycles to service requests to read/write/consume/process those records. Seeding

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TIBCO Activespaces – Best Practices – 2. Discovery URL

Discovery URL “Discovery” is used in the initial phase of a process’s connection to a Metaspace, to discover which other nodes are already member of the metaspace and establish connections to them. Discovery and connection are Metaspace level operations (separated from joining and leaving spaces). A single process can only be connected once to a specific Metaspace. This means that

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TIBCO Activespaces – Best Practices – 1. Exposing Metaspace Connection Attributes

Exposing Metaspace Connection Attributes When creating ActiveSpaces applications, developers should make sure that they expose the metaspace connection attributes so that they can be adjusted by administrator at deployment time. The Metaspace connection attributes are contained in the MemberDef object that is passed to Metaspace.connect(). At a minimum, the following MemberDef attributes should be exposed: Member name: If specified, this

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