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Convert a jks to crt format

keytool -importkeystore -srckeystore <my-certificate-name>.jks -destkeystore <my-certificate-name>.p12 -deststoretype PKCS12 openssl pkcs12 -in <my-certificate-name>.p12 -nokeys -out <my-certificate-name>.crt openssl pkcs12 -in <my-certificate-name>.p12 -nocerts -nodes -out <my-certificate-name>.key

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SSL – Create Root, Intermediate and Certificate in Chain

Create a Chain Certificate (Root, Intermediate & Normal Chain) – Step-by-step —————————————————————————————— ROOT CERTIFICATE —————————————————————————————— mkdir /root/ca cd /root/ca mkdir certs crl newcerts private chmod 700 private touch index.txt echo 1000 > serial vim openssl.cnf [ ca ] # `man ca` default_ca = CA_default [ CA_default ] # Directory and file locations. dir               = /root/ca certs             = $dir/certs crl_dir           =

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Certificates – PKCS12

pkcs12 NAME pkcs12 – PKCS#12 file utility SYNOPSIS openssl pkcs12 [-help] [-export] [-chain] [-inkey filename] [-certfile filename] [-name name] [-caname name] [-in filename] [-out filename] [-noout] [-nomacver] [-nocerts] [-clcerts] [-cacerts] [-nokeys] [-info] [-des | -des3 | -idea | -aes128 | -aes192 | -aes256 | -camellia128 | -camellia192 | -camellia256 | -nodes] [-noiter] [-maciter | -nomaciter | -nomac] [-twopass] [-descert] [-certpbe

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