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What is a Gossip Protocol

  Computer nodes are not far behind men and viruses when it comes to gossiping. The fundamentals of gossip are the same. It is the way of spreading an information to the people of the same world. When you get to know that your manager has put down her papers, you break this information to your colleague on a smoke

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CIDR Table – Basic Reference (From Wikipedia)

Address Format Difference to last address Mask Addresses Relative to class Typical use Decimal 2n A, B, C a.b.c.d / 32 + 1 20 ​1⁄256 C Host route a.b.c.d / 31 + 2 21 ​1⁄128 C Point to point links (RFC 3021) a.b.c.d / 30 + 4 22 ​1⁄64 C Point to point links (glue network) a.b.c.d / 29 + 8 23 ​1⁄32 C Smallest

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Interrupt Coalescence (also called Interrupt Moderation, Interrupt Blanking, or Interrupt Throttling)

A common bottleneck for high-speed data transfers is the high rate of interrupts that the receiving system has to process – traditionally, a network adapter generates an interrupt for each frame that it receives. These interrupts consume signaling resources on the system’s bus(es), and introduce significant CPU overhead as the system transitions back and forth between “productive” work and interrupt

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SAN Switch basic concepts – Fabric Switch

SAN Switch basic concepts SAN Switch basic concepts – SAN environment provides block-oriented I/O between the computer systems and the target disk systems. The SAN may use Fiber Channel or Ethernet (iSCSI) to provide connectivity between hosts and storage. In either case, the storage is physically decoupled from the hosts. The storage devices and the hosts now become peers attached

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Linux Command – Using Netstat the Proper Way !!

How to install netstat netstat is a useful tool for checking your network configuration and activity. It is in fact a collection of several tools lumped together. Install “net-tools” package using yum [root@livedvd ~]$ sudo yum install net-tools Loaded plugins: fastestmirror Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile * base: * extras: * updates: Resolving Dependencies –> Running transaction

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