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What is a Gossip Protocol

  Computer nodes are not far behind men and viruses when it comes to gossiping. The fundamentals of gossip are the same. It is the way of spreading an information to the people of the same world. When you get to know that your manager has put down her papers, you break this information to your colleague on a smoke

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MySQL – Enterprise – Installation – Linux

Phase #1 –  PreRequisites MAKE SURE A MOUNT POINT /MySql IS CREATED BEFORE RUNNING THIS SCRIPT………………………… Creating the symbolic soft link for parallel database updations ln -s /data /MySql/mysqldb ln -s /data /MySql/mysql_db Soft Links Created. User and Group Adding. groupadd -g27 mysql echo ‘System Group mysql created with GID 27.’ useradd -m -d /var/lib/mysql -g mysql -G mysql -p

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