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Mono repo – Why we should go for it

In revision control systems, a monorepo (a syllabic abbreviation of a monolithic repository) is a software development strategy where code for many projects are stored in the same repository. Splitting up large codebases into separate independently versioned packages is extremely useful for code sharing. However, making changes across many repositories is messy and difficult to track, and testing across repositories

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BROTLI ON APACHE / NGINX & Its advantages over gzip & BROTLI ON AKAMAI

When your client sends a request to the server it will include a header saying which compression formats it will accept,  As you can see it says it will accept gzip, deflate or br compression formats. The server will respond and if available will compress the result in a supported format.  Here it supports gzip. Brotli is a new open-source

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Perform AWS EC2 Backup: Step-By-Step Guide.

Over the last decade, the sheer amount of data in the world has grown exponentially, thus making it hard for some organizations to manage and store critical pieces of information on a daily basis, let alone protect it from unexpected data loss as a result of hardware failure, software corruption, accidental deletion, malicious attack, or an unpredictable disaster. More issues

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