TIBCO Hawk v/s TIBCO BWPM (reblogged)

A short while ago I got the question from a customer that wanted to know the differences between TIBCO Hawk and TIBCO BWPM (BusinessWorks Process Monitor), since both are monitoring products from TIBCO. In this blog I will be briefly explaining my point of view and recommendations about when to use which product, which in my opinion cannot be compared as-is.

Let me start by indicating that TIBCO Hawk and BWPM are not products which can be directly compared with each other. There is partially overlap in purpose of the two products, namely gaining insight in the integration landscape, but at the same time the products are very different. TIBCO Hawk is as we may know a transport, distribution and monitoring product that underwater allows TIBCO administrators to technically monitor the integration landscape in runtime (including server behaviour etc.) and reactive respond on certain events by configuring so-called Hawk-rules and setting up dashboards for feedback. The technical monitoring capabilities are quite extensive and based on the information and log files which are available by both the TIBCO Administrator and the various micro Hawk agents. The target group of TIBCO Hawk are especially the administrators and to a lesser extent, the developers. The focus is on monitoring the various TIBCO components (or adapters) to satisfy corresponding SLA’s, not that what is taking place within the TIBCO components from functional points of perspective.

+ Very strong, comprehensive and proven tool for TIBCO administrators;
+ Reactive measure and (automatically) react to events in the landscape using Hawk-rules;
– Fairly technical, thus very higher threshold for non-technical users;
– Offer little or no insight into the actual data processed from a functional point of perspective;

TIBCO BWPM is a product that from a functional point of perspective provides insight during runtime at process level and is a branch and rebranding of the product called nJAMS by Integration Matters. It may impact the way of developing (standards and guidelines). By using so-called libraries throughout the development process-specific functional information can be made available in runtime. It has a rich web interface as an alternative to the TIBCO Administrator and offers rich visual insight into all process instances and correlates them together. The target group of TIBCO BWPM are the TIBCO developers, administrators, testers and even analysts. The focus is on gaining and understanding of that which is being taking place within the TIBCO components from functional points of perspective.

+ Very strong and comprehensive tool with a rich web interface;
+ Provides extensive logging capabilities, the availability of all related context and process data;
+ Easily accessible and intuitive to use, even for non-technical users;
– Less suitable to use for the daily technical monitoring of the landscape (including server behaviour etc.);
– It is important that the product is well designed and properly parameterized to prevent performance impact (should not be underestimate);

In my opinion, TIBCO BWPM is a very welcome addition to the standard TIBCO Administrator/TIBCO Hawk to gain insight in the related context and process data from a functional point of perspective. In addition, the product can also be used by TIBCO developers, administrators, testers and even analysts.

Source :-  http://www.rubix.nl

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