EMS Queue Requester v/s EMS Queue Sender

JMS queue Sender: – It simply sends the message to specified queue and does not wait for any response.

JMS Queue Requestor: – It send the message to specified queue and waits for the response from JMS client   like SOAP request reply activity.

The flow will not proceed until it gets the response or the request gets timed out. This activity uses temporary queues to ensure that reply messages are received only by the process that sent the request. 

Input tab :-


Reply to Queue :- It is the name of the queue in which this activity is awaiting for the reply . If leave blank,then a temporary queue  will be automatically created by Tibco as shown below in the screenshot.

(Run show queues command in the Tibco EMS admin .All the queues starting with * is either temporary or dynamic queues)


We can also give the name of Temporary queue.

Request Timeout :- If the response come within the time limit specified then flow will proceed if not then the flow will error out.

We have to use  Reply to JMS Message  activity to reply the message pending on the temporary queue.Once the message is response is send back to  the  temporary queue, it will get automatically deleted.

Please find the screenshot below for reference :-



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