MySQL Cluster part 3: Installing SQL Node in Ubuntu Server v.12.04


We are going to install the last piece of the first half of this cluster environment now, which is: an SQL node.

In this learning, I deploy both: SQL and NDB, in a single instance of VM.
So instead of creating a new VM, I’m using the same VM where I deployed an NDB node we created before.

Inside our my.cnf file, which we created on the 7th step  in our previous tutorial, contains a code block like below.

This particular code block, is actually a minimum sets, for creating an SQL node.

So, what we need to do next are:

A. Prerequisites:

  1. Keep the Cluster Manager service ON
  2. Keep the NDB service ON

B. Steps:

1. Creates a new user, called “mysql

2. Download and install libaio package from the internet

3. After libaio package fully installed, executes the script for installing the initial MySQL…

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