MySQL Cluster All in One


A. Problems:

  1. I want to develop an application on top of NDB, but I only have one lousy laptop, with limited resources, and I can’t afford to run 3 VMs simultaneously , or my laptop will run slower than a snail.
  2. Its troublesome if I have to run 3 VMs, every time I want to code my application

Sound familiar?

B. Solution:

Create a single VM that runs a single complete MySQL cluster environment.

C. Steps:

1. Changed the config.ini‘s content, become like below:

2. Changed the my.cnf‘s content, become like below:

3. Starts everything as normal

4. If everything ok, your ndb_mgm console will shows something like below:

That’s it guys, problem solved!


This is not a standalone tutorial, in order to understand this, you have to read my tutorial: Installing MySQL Cluster in Ubuntu Server v.12.04 series first (5 posts).

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