TIBCO ADR3 SAGA – CHAPTER FOUR – How to Choose an Adapter Service

A business integration scenario drives the choice of one adapter service or another.

This section provides a simple flow chart that helps you choose the service to use.

Consider the following environment that involves application X, an adapter, and another application


In this scenario, data is exchanged between application X and another application.

The other application can be a customer management system, such as PeopleSoft, or another TIBCO application, such as TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks.

Advanced Scenario :-

To choose the adapter service to use, start by finding out where the scenario begins or what triggers it.

For example, when a new customer account is created in application X, must the account information be propagated through the adapter to the other application?

Or does a batch business process in TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks need information from application X to generate a report?

This question is the starting point of the decision chart provided in the following figure.



Working through the decision chart, if the business process is the creation of a customer record in application X and if many other applications need to be updated when the event occurs, but no acknowledgements are required, use Publication Service.

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