The ELK Stack (Elasticsearch Logstash and Kibana) – Introduction

The ELK Stack

ELK stands for Elasticsearch Logstash and Kibana which are technologies for creating visualizations from raw data.

Elasticsearch is an advanced search engine which is super fast. With Elasticsearch, you can search and filter through all sorts of data via a simple API. The API is RESTful, so you can not only use it for data-analysis but also use it in production for web-based applications.

Logstash is a tool intended for organizing and searching logfiles. But it can also be used for cleaning and streaming big data from all sorts of sources into a database. Logstash also has an adapter for Elasticsearch, so these two play very well together.

Kibana is a visual interface for Elasticsearch that works in the browser. It is pretty good at visualizing data stored in Elasticsearch and does not require programming skills, as the visualizations are configured completely through the interface.

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