TIBCO Enterprise Administrator – Administrative Architecture (From the Docs)

The following diagram depicts how TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks™ components interact.

The main administrative concepts are:

  • Domain: Domains are logical groups that contain applications and their resources. They may contain one or more of AppSpaces, AppNodes and applications and are configurable by a server instance.
  • MetaSpace: Used for storing and distributing configuration data across the machines.
  • AppNode: A runtime unit for hosting application modules and libraries. The AppNodes run BW applications in the AppSpaces.
  • AppSpace: A virtual pool of AppNodes for the application and a logical space where applications are deployed. Each application is deployed to a single AppSpace, and each AppSpace can deploy only one application.AppSpaces are elastic, so that more machines and engine nodes can be added dynamically.You can specify a minimum number of AppNodes as a threshold for determining the AppSpace state. If the minimum is not specified, the default is 1.
  • BWagent: The BWagent on each machine is responsible for configuring partitions, provisioning AppNodes and applications, performing administrative commands, refreshing the cache, and providing for load balancing.
  • bwadmin: Thebwadmin tool is an administration shell where you can execute the administration commands using the command line interface. It is packaged with a number of administration commands that directly manage status of each administration entity.
  • TIBCO Enterprise Administrator (TEA) Server:The TEA server provides monitoring UI and the command line shell for TIBCO enterprise products that are hosted on the server.
  • Deployment: It occurs after an archive file is uploaded and before an application is started. During the deployment, the EAR archive files are copied to the directory under Domain_Home.After the deployment, first create an application project that includes the modules you will deploy. From that application project, create an archive file and deploy it into an AppSpace.

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