TIBCO Activespaces – Basic Concept

ActiveSpaces applications are programs that use ActiveSpaces software to work collaboratively over a shared data grid.
The data grid comprises one or more tuple spaces.
An ActiveSpaces distributed application system is a set of ActiveSpaces programs that cooperate to fulfil a mission (either using the administrative CLI tool, or the ActiveSpaces API calls).
Tuples are distributed, rather than “partitioned” across seeders—members that are configured to contribute memory and processing resources to a space.
ActiveSpaces automatically redistributes tuples when seeders join and leave the space.
Unlike a horizontally partitioned database, where the allocation of items to nodes is fixed, and can only be changed through manual reconfiguration, ActiveSpaces data is automatically updated on all devices on the data grid and rebalanced transparently by using a “minimal redistribution” algorithm.
Replication allows the distribution of data replicates on different peers for fault tolerance.
ActiveSpaces’ data access optimization feature uses a replicate if one is locally available.
If a seeder suddenly fails, the replicate is immediately promoted to seeder, and the new seeder creates new replicates.

This optimizes system performance.


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